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About Gold & Silver

The description of each piece of jewelry lists what metals are used, and whether they are sterling silver, silver plate, gold plate, or gold filled.


Gold plate and silver plate items have an industry standard of .15 to .25 mils thickness of gold or silver plated to the surface of the base metal. Good quality plating should stand up to normal wear. Most of the jewelry we make uses gold or silver plate.

Gold Fill

Gold fill is thicker than gold plate. The base metal used is usually brass, copper, or steel. The description should include the karat fineness of the plating, such as 14K gold fill.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver items are made of 92-1/2% pure silver and 7-1/2% copper or other alloy.

Tibet Silver

Made from a higher purity silver than sterling silver, fine silver (93-99%) offers a brilliant metallic luster and a greater resistance to tarnish.


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Last updated May 2010