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About Our Jewelry

We make what we like, and hope you like it, too. We don't make jewelry we wouldn't wear. We are happy to make pieces to fit you, and welcome special orders for pieces with the colors and lengths you prefer. To place a special order, go to the Special Orders page.

The Materials we use

Real metal. Real stones. No plastic. Strong cord that won't mildew or fray.

We do use some man-made materials when the natural stones are hard to get or prohibitively expense. We tell you in the description of each piece of jewelry exactly what materials are in it, and whether they are plated, dyed, or manufactured rather than natural.

We use a variety of beads--wood, glass, natural stones, cultured freshwater pearls, and glass pearls. We're trying for long-lasting pieces with a good weight that will wear well and remain beautiful, while keeping costs reasonable by using plated silver and gold and choosing lower-cost stones with their own beauty rather than rubies, emeralds, or diamonds.

About Pearls

About Gold & Silver

Most of our materials come from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. If you have a question about some of our materials, you can probably find an answer at their Beading Dictionary or their Gem Notes.

If you have questions about a particular piece of jewelry on our site, please e-mail us at

Or you can send mail to us at:

The Bored Bard
147 Hall St.
Tiffin, OH 44883

Last updated December 2007