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Special Orders: Jewelry

Welcome! Please let us know what you would like, and we will respond with a price, a time frame, and the amount required for a down payment. Usually if we have the materials on hand, we can create your piece within a week. If we have to order materials, it will take longer. There is no commitment on your part until you agree to the description, time frame, and price.

First, tell us what piece or pieces of jewelry on our web site are similar to what you're looking for (just give us the title at the top of the page for that piece of jewelry). Then tell us what you would like to be different:
    the length?
    the color?
    the type of clasp?
    something else?

Give us as much detail and information as you can.

Click here to see a sample of components we tend to keep on hand.

Click here to open an e-mail and start typing.

Last updated December 10, 2007