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Do you take your glasses off frequently?

EH17_with_glasses (287K)

These attractive beaded chains attach to the arms of your glasses. When you take off your glasses just place them in front of you and they will dangle like a necklace until you need them again.

eyeglass holder EH18

If you like to just let your glasses hang, fasten the chains to the middle of the glasses' arms.


If you prefer closing the glasses, fasten the chains toward the ends.

What our customers are saying:

"Many thanks for the glasses chain.
The chain has been on since it arrived,
and has gone with everything I've worn."
- Maria

The eyeglass holders pictured below are ready to ship. They are available in a range of materials and lengths. You want the chain long enough to fit over your head easily but not so long that the glasses thump against your chest.

We also make holders to your specifications, so if you see a style you like, it can be made in any length. Children especially will need shorter lengths than those available. Additional colors and patterns are also possible. You can even order coordinated eyeglass holders, necklaces, and bracelets. For more information, see Special Orders.

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T-EH24 (8K)Cobalt Blue Pressed Glass & Silver
Red Wood & AgateT-EH18 (10K)
Tigereye with Gold & AgateT-EH17 (8K)
Aqua & PearlT-EH43 (10K)
T-EH76 (7K)Garnet Red Glass with Silver or Gold
Wood & Gold on RedT-EH41 (15K)
Red Wood, Natural Wood, & GoldT-EH2 (6K)
Red Wood & GoldT-EH42 (21K)

Iris Blue, Green, & Purple Pressed GlassEH75-detail (7K)