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Tudor* Pearl Necklace with Heart Pendant

A continuous loop of white glass pearls just long enough to loop over the head twice, bearing a silver-plate puffed heart with dainty designs (scroll down to see detail). To wear with a Renaissance gown, the longer loop can either be tucked into the bodice or allowed to hang free.

White glass pearls - 6mm
Small bail - sterling silver
Silver plate jump rings - 5mm
Enchased silver heart - 20mm x 20mm, silver plate, hollow

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36 inches long


Other lengths can be made to order.
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*Tudor: The family name of the kings and queens of England from 1485 to 1603, including Queen Elizabeth I. Historians refer to Elizabeth's reign as the Elizabethan period; by default, "Tudor" refers to the historical period during the reigns of her grandfather (Henry VII), father (Henry VIII), and half-brother (Edward), or roughly 1485 to 1558. Jewelry and dress at court were opulent, though not as jewel-encrusted as they would become under Elizabeth.

This arrangement of a long pearl strand looped around the neck twice with a pendant hanging from the short top strand was typical of the era. Pearls were in great demand, and imitation pearls were used by both the noble and the merchant class. Jewelry in the form of a heart was popular. Some heart-shaped brooches have survived. See below for some period portraits and other evidence of the popularity of this type of jewelry.

1600-AnnBoleyn (33K)

Ann Boleyn, Elizabeth I's mother
Portrait painted around 1600 (posthumously), probably modeled on a contemporary portrait

Here is the classic arrangement of pearls and a pendant, with the longer loop disappearing into Ann's bodice. Ann's pendant is a "B" (for "Boleyn") with pearls hanging from it. An earlier portrait shows her with a similar necklace with an "AB" pendant.

1546-Elizabeth-pearls (16K)

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth I)
Detail of a portrait by William Scrots painted around 1546

Again, two loops of pearls, with a pendant hanging from the short loop and the longer loop disappearing into the bodice. This pendant is very elaborate.

1560-pearls_with_heart_pendant (14K)

Detail from an illustration of a woman by Tobias Stimmer, a Swiss artist, around 1560

Only one loop of pearls, but the pendant appears to be an open heart.

1576-pendant_heart (9K)

A heart-shaped silver pendant. Inside is a picture of the Adoration of the Magi covered by a piece of rock crystal. The pendant is 3.5cm x 3.5cm. It is German work of about 1576-1600.