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N87-clasp (4K)

Italian Renaissance* Coral Necklace

A short necklace of coral beads with a hand-made hook closure

Coral beads (dyed red) - 6 - 7.5mm round
Silver plate S hook - hand made from a 6mm jump ring

16 inches long


Other lengths can be made to order.
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*The Renaissance: The historic period in Europe starting in the 1300s in Italy and spreading north during the next 3 centuries. Coral beads made into short necklaces or rosaries were particularly popular in Italy, where coral was readily available, often cast onto the shore by the Mediterranean Sea. They were worn by the rich and the not-so-rich.

1490-Ghirlandaio-coral necklace (14K)

Italian, 1490.
Portrait of a Girl by Domenico Ghirlandaio
Currently in the National Gallery, London

This young woman is probably upper class, given the richness of her clothing and the fact that a well-known artist painted her portrait. She wears a short necklace or choker of coral beads.

1580-Campi-coral necklace (41K)

1580s, Italian.
The Fruit Seller by Vicenzo Campi
In a private collection.

This market woman wears not one but two necklaces of huge beads, probably of coral.
“Another gorgeous market-woman. There’s a good chance Campi idealized these women a bit to please the patron, but nothing she is wearing is too far out of the realm of possibility. The partlet is more elaborate than most, but the rest of her costume is fairly simple. Large beaded necklaces also show up in several of Vecellio’s prints of peasants.” - Jennifer Thompson, Festive Attyre website, www.festiveattyre.com, 1/7/08