N12-26% (8K)

Hematite & Silver

22 inches long (including the clasp)
$9.00 for 1 or set of 3 for $25.00 (see below)

21 inches long (see below)

23 inches long (see below)

Silver 3x6mm oval beads (vacuum plated)
Silver 3mm round beads (vacuum plated)
Black faux hematite 6mm round beads
Silver plate classic filigree clasp

Clasp detail
clasp-silver-50% (4K)

This necklace works alone or with different lengths and patterns of other hematite and silver necklaces (see below).

Three-Strand Set of Hematite & Silver Necklaces

21, 22, and 23 inch long necklaces

Set of 3 $25.00
or a single strand $9.00 (see above)

The strand pictured above is the middle one of this 3-strand set. The different lengths have different patterns of beads. With the set, you can wear one, two, or all three strands at a time.

N15-1-25% (16K)